How do I join Swedishmimp as a Student Tutor Member?

We want to make it easy for student tutors to become members of our Students Connecting community. We encourage Student Tutors Age 18 and Above to join our community, and we encourage Student Tutors Age 16-17 to join our community with the permission of their parents/ legal guardians. To begin your registration, Click on “Sign In” on our Home Page. After entering your date of birth, you will be directed to our Registration Page, Step 1 corresponding to your age- ie: Age 16-17 or Age 18 and Above. You can also register using your FB account. You will be asked to provide information which we will verify to protect you, and ensure that you are “you”. You will then complete your registration through an easy set of steps.

What are the rates that Student Tutor Members charge for providing tutoring services?

At, you are able to set your own tutoring rate which usually ranges from $10.00-30.00 per hour. The rate that you charge for your tutoring services will vary with your experience, subject material, and academic level in which you will be providing tutoring services. You can negotiate your rate with the Student Members/ Parents of Student Members Seeking your Tutoring Services, and you will always be able to update your tutoring rate information in your profile

How do I join Swedishmimp

I have registered as a Student Tutor Member and I am waiting for my verification e-mail- How do I get it?

Your verification e-mail should arrive in your inbox within 30 minutes. (Please also check your Spam folder to see if it is there). If you do not receive the verification e-mail within that time frame, please contact us (Contact Us)

Does Students Swedishmimp conduct background checks?

Students tutor does not conduct background checks for our Student Tutor Members / Student Members Seeking Tutoring Services. Please visit our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for additional information.

What services does provide for Student Tutor Members

Students Connecting seeks to provide our Student Tutor Members with opportunities to find, connect, and communicate with Student Members Seeking Tutoring Services. We develop and implement ongoing advertising and promotional programs created to direct students and parents of students seeking tutoring services to our website where they can connect with you, and you can connect with them! We seek to provide continuous innovation in content and technology as we build our community together. We update our website on an ongoing basis to ensure that we are providing the highest level of value and service to you by working together with our customer service and web development team members.

I have posted my qualifications and have not heard from anyone. How long does it take for people to respond to my posting?

There is no set time frame for students to respond to your posting. Sometimes, it can take several hours, and at other times it may take several weeks or longer. Check to make sure that you have included all information that will help students make a decision to contact you, and review your profile to see if there are additional subjects and academic levels that you can include to provide you with additional opportunities to find tutoring jobs. You can also post an Announcement on our Shout Out Board, and a Classified Ad on our “Classifieds” Page.

How do I arrange payment with Student Members/ Parents of Student Members Seeking Tutoring Services?

(Please also see our “Tips for Student Tutor Members”). You can negotiate your payments directly with

Student Members/ Parents of Student Members Seeking Tutoring Services in the way that you prefer. You can arrange for payment through your online checking / savings account, through a PayPal account you have, and / or through payment made to you directly in person. Students Connecting recommends that you receive payment prior to conducting tutoring sessions to ensure that you take care of business first so that you can focus on providing your tutoring services for the entire time that you have scheduled.

Can I conduct tutoring sessions on my iPad?

Yes, you can plan your tutoring sessions after you have made your initial contact with a Students Connecting Member through our website. Once you have exchanged contact information, you can arrange tutoring sessions in the way you prefer (in person; by phone; online). If you have an i-Pad you can use Skype or a Messenger application to conduct your tutoring sessions. There are many online tools available to help you communicate remotely.