Frequently Asked Questions for Student Tutors / Student Tutor Members

What is Students Swedishmimp?

Students is the first multilingual online community exclusively dedicated to connecting student members/ parents of student members seeking tutoring services with student tutor members providing tutoring services! Wants to empower students to reach their highest academic potential, and provides tools and resources to connect students seeking tutoring services with student tutors in the language, subject area, and at all academic levels from kindergarten through post graduate levels. Students Swedishmimp wants students to “connect” with each other in the way that they prefer- through in person tutoring sessions and/ or through all web enabled communication platforms!

Why should I join swedishmimp as a Student Tutor Member?

Students is all about students! We want to provide you as a Student Tutor Member with opportunities to share your tutoring skills and experience as you build your tutoring business and earn money. During Phase 1 of our launch, Students Swedishmimp is inviting Student Tutors to join our community as Charter Members with “Free Membership”. We hope that you will join our community, create and share your profile, and let us know how we can make Students Swedishmimp your Number 1 Resource as you search for tutoring jobs! We will launch Phase 2 as soon as 500 Student Tutors have registered as Student Tutor Members, and we will continue to reach out to Student Tutors to join our community. During Phase 2, we will also reach out to students/ parents of students seeking your tutoring services. During Phase 2, Student Tutor membership is “FREE”, and we hope that during Phase 2 that you will have opportunities to “CONNECT” with Student Members Seeking Tutoring Services, and that they will have opportunities to “CONNECT” with you through our innovative tools and resources! We always welcome your suggestions and your feedback to help us provide you with the highest level of value, innovation, service and satisfaction.

Why is Students Swedishmimp unique?

Students wants to provide you as a Student Tutor Member with a variety of innovative tools to help you build your tutoring business as you share your tutoring skills and experience, and earn money. At Students, you always keep 100% of your earnings! Students Swedishmimp encourages you to find, connect and comunnicate with students seeking your tutoring services in the language, subject area, at the academic level from K- Post Graduate Levels in the way you prefer- through in person sessions and/ or through web enabled communication platforms!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to join Students Swedishmimp?

Membership at Students Swedishmimp is free to all Student Tutor Members. We will let you know when you will have the option to upgrade your membership to a premium plan! At you set your own tutoring rates, and keep 100% of your earnings. There are NO percentages paid to our tutors as with other tutoring services, and you save money on advertising your tutoring services. (An online advertisement through a local news publication can cost up to $150.00 for only 10 days). Tutors seeks to develop the most up to date advertising and promotional campaigns to direct students and parents of students to our website where you can “CONNECT” with each other and save additional time. (How It Works)

How old do I need to be to become a Student Tutor?

Student Tutor Members must be Age 16 and Above to become Student Tutor Members at Students Connecting. (How It Works)

What qualifications does a Student Tutor Member need to have at Students Swedishmimp?

At this site, we want to empower all of our Student Tutor Members to share their tutoring skills and experience as they build their tutoring businesses as independent contractors. We believe that Student Tutors who have achieved mastery in specific academic subject areas, and who can share their knowledge and experience with students seeking their tutoring services are best qualified to become Student Tutor Members!