How to Make Your Student Tutoring Experiences Successful!

Feel confident and proud that you can share your language abilities and tutoring skills to make a tremendous difference in the lives of students who are seeking your tutoring services! As you create your profile, include your unique qualifications and strengths to let students and parents seeking your tutoring services know of your individual talents and experience.

Answer all questions asked of you truthfully and completely

Your qualifications and experience for each student tutoring job. Think back to all of your previous experiences so you will remember all of the great things that you have accomplished! Your credibility is key to your success and to the success of the student members you are tutoring. Make sure that you are qualified to provide tutoring services in the languages, subjects, and at the academic levels that you include on your profile!

Act enthusiastically and responsibly at each student tutoring session! Your positive attitude will have an amazing influence on the student members seeking your services! Arrive on time for each student tutoring session, and call if you expect to arrive late.

Always act and speak respectfully and politely

Arrange schedules, payment rates and terms with student members/ parents of student members before you accept a tutoring job. discuss how you will be compensated if you need to extend your tutoring sessions to help student members who may require additional time. arrange for payment to be made at the beginning of each session.

Ask student members/ parents of student members if they can “borrow” text books and course materials from teachers for you to use to help as you prepare and conduct student tutoring sessions.

How to Make Your Student Tutoring Experiences Successful!

Set goals for tutoring sessions, and determine with Student Members/ Parents of Student Members over how long a period of time you will be asked to provide student tutoring services. (1month; 2 months, a semester, etc.) When you begin working with Student Members, ask them to share their understanding and grasp of the material to help both of you establish a “benchmark” from which you can move forward. Once you have set the “benchmark”, you can then set long term goals, and break them down into goals for each session by communicating with Student Members and Parents of Student Members during each tutoring session. At the end of each session, you may want to review if you have accomplished your goals with the Student Member as you begin to plan for your next session.

Plan activities, exercises and practice questions to reinforce points you have made during each student tutoring session to ensure that college Members have grasped the material that you have worked on together.

Share with Student suggestions and strategies that have worked well for you when you studied this material, that they may find is helpful for them- ie: Flashcards, lists, acronyms, recording of material etc.

Review material from your previous student tutoring session before you move ahead with new material. Review all quizzes/ tests that were taken after your last session to ensure that student members have a clear understanding of all previous material before you proceed with new material. This is very important, and you need to communicate this to all students and parents.

Show patience, understanding, and empathy and try to put yourself in the student’s place- Everyone learns at a different pace. Try and keep students focused on the material at hand. If there are distractions, try to get students back on track as soon as you can!

Use online communication tools as you conduct tutoring sessions – ie: Skype, i-Chat, and Live Messenger. These are free, easy to use, and you can share your screen remotely.

Please let us know if these tips are helpful, and contact us with any suggestions that you have. We value your feedback, and we look forward to hearing from you!