Tips for a Safe Online Experience

We hope that all of your “connections” with Students Connecting members will be totally safe, rewarding and productive. It is always important, however, to be careful and protect yourself when you communicate with people who you meet online!

We are including several basic guidelines to make your experiences safe:

Guard Your Personal Information: When you “connect” and “communicate” with a Students Connecting member, always check with your parent/guardian before sharing any personal information (e.g. name, age, address, phone number, school, schedule, your picture, etc.). Never post this type of identifying information online for public viewing.

Meet the Parents

Before your first student tutoring session with a Students Connecting student member seeking your tutoring services, or with a Student Tutor providing tutoring services, it is a good idea to have your parent/ legal guardian speak to the other member’s parent/ legal guardian—or bring both sets of parents/ legal guardians to the first tutoring session. Let your parent/ legal guardian know where and when you will be meeting, if they are not able to go with you.

Don’t Go Alone

Arrange for your first meeting to take place in a public place where other people will be around. If you will be providing tutoring sessions at a student’s home, bring a friend or a parent/ legal guardian to your first meeting at the student’s home as discussed above, or before the first session when you meet the student member, and her/his parent/legal guardian. If you hold sessions at a student’s home, conduct sessions when an adult is present.

Tips for a Safe Online Experience

Use Your Common Sense and Trust your Instincts

When meeting and “connecting” in person or online with another student member, trust your instincts. If something doesn’t feel right, end the communication immediately! If you feel threatened or uncomfortable during an in person session, leave immediately! Always tell your parent/ legal guardian right away if something “just doesn’t feel right”!
Stay in Touch: Let your parent/ legal guardian know where and when you are meeting, and when you’ll be finished. Bring a cell phone and call them immediately before and after your session.

Watch Your Wallet

Do not leave any of your personal belongings (such as wallet, purse, ID, etc.) unattended during a tutoring session.

Report Inappropriate Member Activity: Let us know right awayif you have concerns about any of our members. We want our online community to be a safe place for everyone!

Please let us know if these tips are helpful and contact us with any suggestions that you have. We value your feedback, and we look forward to hearing from you!