Online Business Degrees

The world of business can be an exciting and challenging career, especially at this time of great growth in global commerce today. Fortunately, there are several online business degrees available to prepare those who wish to enter this field. Since business itself is so varied and includes so many smaller fields within it, the prospective online student is benefited by researching all of the possibilities available in order to make a choice that meets the individual’s interests and educational needs.

Employment Outlook

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that jobs in business management will increase 12% by 2018, which is the same as the national average rate of job growth overall. The downsizing common today will continue as more and more business functions are completed faster and more efficiently through the use of technology. However, management consultants should see more opportunities for jobs than their counterparts outside of consulting since companies today seek to outsource a number of business functions because of their complexity and expense. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for business managers in May of 2008 was $73,500 with those at the highest end of the spectrum earning close to $130,000.

In addition to business management, there is a wide range of specific career paths within the business field for students who earn online business degrees. Accounting, marketing, finance, human resources, business law, and international business are entire fields of their own within the larger framework of “business.” Fortunately, there are many online degrees available for all of these career paths in the area of business.

Educational Requirements

Although associate’s degrees are available, in most cases a bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement for those seeking professional jobs in business. Online bachelor’s degrees are available in Business Management, Accounting, Health Care, Marketing, Finance, Business Economics, and Human Resources. Because of the high income potential in the field of business, candidates for these positions increasingly find that master’s degrees are needed for in order to secure the more competitive positions with the highest salaries. Online master’s degrees are available in Business Administration, Organizational and Human Resources Management, Business Intelligence, Organizational Leadership, Operations Management and Analysis, Information Security, Entrepreneurship, Information Technology Management, and International Business.

Online Business Degrees

There are also very specialized online master’s degree programs in Emergency Management, Sports and Recreation Management, Non-Profit Management, E-Commerce, and Real Estate Management. Although master’s degree programs usually take two years of concentrated study, there are also online accelerated MBA programs available as well.

Doctoral degrees offered today are highly specialized and designed to prepare successful business professionals to become experts in a particular area of great complexity. Online options for doctoral degrees are available in areas such as Applied Organizational Psychology, Workplace Diversity, Mediation and Dispute Resolution, and Sustainable Communities. With such an incredible number of online business degrees available at all academic levels, students interested in preparing themselves for the challenging and often lucrative careers in the world of business have virtually unlimited options available to them.